Keeping your facility cold is our top priority

Cold Storage and Warehouse Distribution facilities are a vital part of our nation's perishable food industry. The proper temperatures for storing and distribution of the wide range of refrigerated and frozen products is critical to our consumers; regardless of the size of your facility.

Krack state-of-the-art equipment provides efficient, dependable and cost-effective mechanical refrigeration systems for your needs. Our equipment is tested in extreme conditions to increase reliability and deliver superior performance in your cold storage facility or warehouse. 

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Products Applicable for This Market
Evaporator / Unit Coolers
LH, GH / GL, KR, MK / MV, MS, SM / SV

Refrigeration Systems
Parallel Racks, Protocool/Proto-Arie
Purity Transcritial CO2 System 

Condensing Units
H Series & C Series

Levitor & Microchannel