Proto-Aire EZ

Proto-Aire EZ is the next generation multi-compressor distributed system for customers
looking to reduce installation, operating, and maintenance costs. Multi-configurable four-compressor, three-fan
configurations provide better load matching with
redundant low-temp compressor capacity when a
split temperature arrangement is needed.

Proto-Aire EZ is the alternative to multiple condensing units. No need for multiple single
condensing units!

EZ Advantages
  • EZ Performance: Updated system increases capacity on small platforms from 74 to 97 MBH.
  • EZ Energy Efficiency: 25%+ improvement versus using multiple condensing units.
  • EZ Installation: Reduced piping, roof loads, and crane time needed versus multiple condensing units.
  • EZ Service: Easy accessibility for service and cleaning.
  • EZ Selection: Pre-configured models with customizable options to fit any application.
  • EZ Savings: Reduced installation, operating, and maintenance costs.