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Customization & Innovation

Krack can provide a variety of parallel racks for various distributed or central refrigeration applications.

Port-A-Pak Equipment Centers, a pre-packaged outdoor "equipment center" that simplifies refrigeration, electrical and HVAC installation. 


Custom Parallel Refrigeration Racks for distributed applications for DX operations to save energy and efficiency.


Port-A-Rack is a flexible, outdoor rack solution that can be installed on the building roof or slab. The units can be configured with several different options for your specific application.


Pump Stations are part of a medium temperature secondary refrigeration system that uses water and a 30-35% propylene glycol mixture to cool the refrigeration loads. A central direct expansion system with a low HFC charge is used to cool the glycol mixture.


TerraChill is a natural refrigerant solution that reduces the HFC charge and features a lower carbon footprint than traditional central direct expansion systems. TerraChill uses pumped liquid CO² as a secondary fluid in both low temperature and medium temperature applications.


TerraChill DX2 is a low temperature subcritical direct expansion refrigeration solution using CO2, a naturally occurring refrigerant. The use of CO2 as a refrigerant reduces the HFC charge with a minimal impact on energy efficiency to reduce the carbon footprint of the system.


The Purity offering is a multiple compressor system that uses R744 (CO2) exclusively. This natural refrigerant is relatively inexpensive, readily available, and has virtually no direct environmental impact in the amounts used for refrigeration. Purity operates efficiently in low, medium and high temperature applications and can be used in combination with all three. The Purity system is optimized for an operating range of 15 to 225 tons, and is highly adaptable for use in most climatic condition. 


Custom Applications

Krack offers a wide range of options for customization of our products to meet your specific design needs. Please contact your Krack Sales Representative for more information on custom options for your application.

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