MK/MV Series

Designed with a wide capacity range and air movement for medium-sized coolers and freezers.

Air and electric defrost units are medium profile units, designed for medium-sized coolers and freezers. These rugged constructed units are easily installed from ceilings or on rod hangers. Wide capacity range in air defrost for medium temperature and electric or hot gas defrost for medium/low temperature.

DOE 2020 Evaporator models are now available. In the product technical bulletin, choose option "D" in the nomenclature (MV models not available).


  • 4, 6, and 8 fins per inch spacing.
  • Aluminum drain pan and cabinet.
  • Coated, corrosion-proof wire fan guards.
  • Compartmented fan sections.
  • EC fan motor is standard.


MK Quiet Series
Designed for walk-in coolers with ceiling heights from 10 to 14 feet that require high airflow.

Designed to deliver low temperature air at extra-high velocity.


KE2 EvapOEM Electronic Controller Available

The KE2 EvapOEM was designed with a quick payback and a life expectancy that matches that of the system. The controller pays for itself, then continues to pay dividends for the life of the system.

  • Eliminates unnecessary defrosts typically associated with timed based alternatives—reducing energy consumption and preserving product integrity
  • Maximizes energy efficiency with less compressor run time resulting from shorter defrosts
  • Eliminates ice formation on floors and ceilings
  • Eliminates excessive temperature swings. 

Krack provides easy access to service information with QR codes on every unit!

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