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Proto-Aire EZ

Engineered for Performance. Designed for Easy Installation, Serviceability, and Maintenance. Optimized to Reduce Total Cost of Ownership.


Proto-Aire EZ is the next generation multi-compressor distributed system for customers looking to reduce installation, operating, and maintenance costs. Three Scroll compressors available for small platform; four for large with digital Scrolls available for medium temperature. 


  • EZ Performance: Updated system increases capacity on small platforms from 74 to 97 MBH.
  • EZ Energy Efficiency: 25%+ improvement versus using multiple condensing units.
  • EZ Service: Easy accessibility for service and cleaning.
  • EZ Selection: Pre-configured models with customizable options to fit any application.
  • EZ Savings: Reduced installation, operating, and maintenance costs.

Link to hurricane rated condensing units



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Product Resources

Flyer: Proto-Aire EZ Flyer

Installation Manual: Proto-Aire EZ Manual

Video: Proto-Aire EZ Video

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New store installations with refrigerated systems for California beginning 1/1/2022 must not exceed 50 lbs of charge and use a refrigerant below 2,200 GWP. Systems greater than 50 lbs charge require refrigerants below 150 GWP. Existing store compliance for CA requires a reduced weighted average GWP of refrigerants used to less than 1,400 GWP for the fleet by 2030 or a 55% reduction of overall GHGP (charge not relevant).

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