Gentle Air (GH/GL) Series

Designed to keep produce fresh by providing low velocity air distribution to both sides of system while its quiet operation provides a comfortable environment for employees.

The Gentle Air Series is ideal for medium temperature applications above 20°F that require low air velocity.

DOE 2020 Evaporator models are now available. In the product technical bulletin, choose option "D" in the nomenclature.


  • Versatile low and high silhouette models may be installed level and tight to the ceiling or on hangers.
  • 10 Inch diameter, low velocity 1550RPM fans for uniform air distribution and quiet operation.
  • Serviceable, textured aluminum housing features hinged orifice drain pan, pitched to drain condensate at end of unit. 
  • Three-way connection option is standard.   
  • Refrigerant and electrical connections may be right or left hand, or vertical through the ceiling 
  • Double pan construction. 
  •  Available with insulated drain pan.
  • EC fan motor is standard.
  • Hot gas models with electric drain pan booster heat are available in 115/1or 230/1 
  • All models available in air, electric or gas defrost 



  • High Silhouette Medium Temperature – 4 or 6 Fins per inch


  • Low Silhouette Medium Temperature – 4 or 6 Fins per inch


Krack provides easy access to service information with QR codes on every unit!

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