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​Vspeed Variable Speed Technology

High performance electronic drive and motor solution for Levitor II and Microchannel applications.

Vspeed - Variable speed high performance electronic drive and motor solution for Levitor and Microchannel condenser applications.


  • Energy Efficiency: Vspeed uses more efficient brushless permanent magnet motor and electronic drive versus 3-phase motor.
  • Energy Savings: Vspeed varies the fan speed to match the system capacity leading to increased energy savings.
  • System Longevity: Vspeed keeps condensing temperatures consistent reducing compressor cycling resulting in less wear and tear on system components
  • Sound Reduction: Vspeed decibels decrease at a constant rate with the fan speed resulting in lower sound.
  • Retrofittable: Vspeed is an easy drop-in solution for existing Krack condensers.
  • Isolated: Vspeed’s separate electronics are isolated from vibration and rain.

Variable Speed Condenser Applications

  • Krack Levitor II LAVK and Microchannel MXK air cooled condensers
  • 230/3 and 460/3 1140 RPM 1.5 HP condensers

California Title 24 Regulations: Meets requirements for variable speed and efficiency for Refrigerated Warehouses and Commercial Refrigeration in retail applications.


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